Rebag: Design of stories 旧衣料如何华丽变身时尚潮牌?

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At PIM's Model Foundation, an international team of young people interested in making a social impact learn about intelligent giving and decide how to best manage a $20,000 fund in order to support innovative social enterprises/NGOs across China.

Curious about which organization will end up being supported? Want to learn about the most innovative social practice, or connect with young changemakers around the world? Join us on "Model Foundation 2016 Impact Showcase series" of wechat seminars and learn about the most effective and impactful way of doing good!




This week, we've invited Yi Wang from Rebag, a social enterprise working on sustainable fashion. Interested in upcycling and fashion? Join us on Jul 9 (Saturday) to learn more about Yi Wang and her social enterprise——Rebag


What is Rebag | Rebag是什么

ReBag is a social enterprise and creative accessories brand which discovers and integrates different elements of fabric, techniques and accessories across culture and regions. We hope to tell the stories behind the accessories about the material, technique and people who make them. We started as a clothes refashioning company with jobs of dignity and moved on to become a creative design brand which believes that sharing stories of people and culture behind our accessories products brings inspiration and empowerment. 






Yi Wang


-  Bachelor's in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Upenn

-  Worked as a project manager in IJoin NGO Consulting

-  Participated in UN 50th Session of Commission for Social Development as an NGO representative of SustainUS

-  Founded Rebag in her third year of university. This brand debuted at Fashion Week Pittsburgh, and had its shows on Fashion Week Brooklyn and Beijing International Design Week.

-  Worked as a corporate management trainee and a senior financial analyst in a Fortune 50 company,

-  Upenn 本科哲学政治经济系毕业生

-  曾参与IJoin NGO Consulting

- NGO 代表

-  大三时创立Rebag,该品牌曾亮相于(纽约)布鲁克林时尚周、北京国际设计周,并在匹兹堡时尚周进行第一次品牌走秀

-  在全球50强公司做过管培生,担任FP&A高级金融分析师

Registration info | 讲座信息


When | 时间

7.9 21:00 Beijing Time | 7月9日 21:00北京时间      

Where | 讲座形式
Wechat Online Group 微信群讲座 

What | 讲座提要

BE AWARE: Rebag's cause & impact

BE INSPIRED: Yi Wang's personal journey

BE ENGAGED: How YOU can help





Language | 讲座语言

English | 英文

Outline | 讲座流程
Sharing+Q&A | 嘉宾分享+问答

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Philanthropy in Motion (PIM) is an organization that aims to provide the funds, training and networks for the next generation to give with the most impact. Founded by Yale alumni, we run philanthropy education programs that bring together young people from across the world to take concerted action in identifying and supporting worthwhile social ventures in greater China. We are unique in providing a real fund for young people to manage. Through our vision of making philanthropy accessible to all, we activate the next generation to give early and give smarter.



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